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 TRAINING DO IT YOURSELF: First rispettatevi. Respect yourself, your body. Never open the arch muscles cold, even as a joke. Plan and carry out simulation exercises with elastic before each session of shooting. Running, jumping, to stretch: any thing that let it set in motion the whole body before starting to shoot arrows. This will definitely help in the shooting and in the repetition of the action, but before anything else, to preserve injuries and illnesses. Ergo: love one and warm up properly! Concerns. They do not help, whatever you do, and archery is no exception. Overcoming lepreoccupazioni related material is the first step to take in order to make the training profitable. So: time to treat the materials. If you pull for the development of the material is not done to train to win. Of course you always scoccano arrows, of course you put all the desire to do good will, but pull the arrows to see where they go and set up a bow and arrow is not how to trai